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Waiver of liability Please activate the checkbox below, when you have taken notice of the information below:

  • Only vegan runners join the Erdlingslauf.
  • The Erdlingslauf is not a race. We run together, not against each other. The goal is to support the Erdlingshof in the best possible way as well as spreading the vegan idea. Therefore, the registration does not result in a legal claim. All service by the team of the Erdlingslauf for the realisation of these goals is provided on a voluntary basis.
  • Teams of at least 4 runners will be formed according to distance and speed. If you really want to run a specific section, please tell us in the text field above during your registration.
  • The Erdlingslauf will take place on two days (Saturday and Sunday, August 29-30 2015). If you can only run on one of these two days, please tell us in the text field.
  • We run in public areas that are not specifically blocked off for us. The traffic rules (German StVO) have to be obeyed!
  • During the sections that are run in the late evening/night/early morning, we strongly recommend, for the sake of your personal as well as public safety, to wear a reflective vest and a (head)lamp.
  • You participate in the Erdlingslauf at your own risk. The team of the Erdlingslauf does not assume any liability for any harm to body, health, life, property or other economic loss, the participants might experience in the course of the event. Likewise, the team of the Erdlingslauf does not assume any liability for the above mentioned harm, which is inflicted upon a third party by deliberate or negligent acts of the participants.

If you have any questions regarding the registration, please feel free to contact us at