We are very happy about your donation! Through your help, the animals already living at Erdlingshof and future animals will be able to live a safe and beautiful life. The buttons on the right side of our website under “Donate now via” will always take you directly to our donation pages on Facebook and Betterplace.

Also these links lead directly to the donation pages for the new home for the Erdlingshof-pigs:

Foto: Timo Stammberger

Please note before donating on Facebook:

  1. All donations via Facebook go 100% to the Erdlingshof.
  2. After the donation, you will receive a donation confirmation from Facebook via email, but this is not a donation receipt.
  3. In Germany, you can deduct your donations from taxes without submitting receipts. Receipts will only be requested for verification in exceptional cases.
  4. To prove donations up to 300€ in Germany, the bank statement is sufficient, should the tax office ask you for proof.
  5. The Erdlingshof only receives your donation, your name and your email address from Facebook.

Please note before donating on Betterplace:

  1. All donations via Betterplace go 100% to the Erdlingshof, minus 2.5% transaction costs for Betterplace. We do not see this as a loss, as Betterplace takes over the complete creation and sending of the donation confirmations. This relieves the Erdlingshof very much, which in turn directly benefits the animals.
  2. It is not necessary to register with Betterplace, the entire donation process takes only a few minutes.
  3. Shortly before the donation is completed, Betterplace suggests an additional donation contribution to Betterplace itself. This can be accepted, adjusted or even set to zero.
  4. Betterplace transmits your donation to Erdlingshof, which is recognized as a non-profit organization, and sends you a donation confirmation for your tax return by the end of February next year.
  5. If you are a company, please split the name into the fields for first and last name (e.g. first name: Mustername, last name: GmbH).
  6. If you don’t have a Betterplace account but would like your name or company to appear on the donation page, please enter a name and/or message in the optional comment during the donation process. We can then attribute the donation to you or your company. The text will then appear in the list of campaign donors. Otherwise, you will only see the amount, but not who donated.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us:

Donate via Betterplace

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up to 30 5
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up to 100 12
up to 200 20
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