Run With Us

We take the threat of COVID-19 very seriously. As much as we would like to see public runs with multiple participant:s in the spring and summer of 2021, we are aware that this may not be the case.

Therefore we offer you the possibility to organize your very own virtual earthling run. For this we will provide you with our logo, explain how to set up live tracking and provide you with a personal certificate!

We are especially happy if you share your virtual Erdlingslauf on social media and invite your family and friends to donate to the Erdlingshof with our Betterplace donation link.

Foto: flory gruendig

Your personal Erdlingslauf!

All of us together are the Erdlingslauf! Do you want to set yourself an ambitious challenge? Or would you rather think of a leisurely lap as an Erdlingslauf? Even a walk or a hike counts as an Earthling Run!

So far, at least in Berlin, the Corona conditions have always made it possible for two of you to get together for a run. So, depending on where you live and what the current situation is, you can invite others to your run.

At Betterplace you have the possibility to create a fundraising campaign and link it to our aid project. Then you can see via a donation bar what contribution your supporters have already made. Alternatively, you can simply post the link.

Inspire compassion!

If you feel like it, make a real event out of your run! Report on social media about the training, remind people of the important date ? Maybe you even find a circuit and get cheered along the route?

You can use all publicly available pictures and videos from the Erdlingshof website and social media. We will also provide our logo for you to use in your posts and stories.

Through the Erdlingslauf, we want to raise awareness about the Erdlingshof and the stories of the animals that live there. You can also dedicate your run to a special animal and tell your supporters about the background story.

Let others participate!

Through the app you can also share your run publicly for others to see. This requires a little technical skill, as you first upload a gpx track of your desired route.

If you are on Strava, you can simply download all your previously run routes as gpx and use them for Otherwise there is also the possibility to create a gpx track manually by mouse clicks.

It’s definitely a lot of fun to have a virtual commentator on the day of your run commenting on your progress and your supporters cheering you on together!

Can we do the 550km as a community?

To present your runs, you can always use the hashtag #erdlingslauf on FB and IG. We find run reports super exciting to read! If you are on Strava, please feel free to join our earthling running club.

You can download the template for your certificate here and fill in your name. It’s best to print it with the PDFCreator, so you get a nice PDF. And hey, don’t cheat! We trust you that you have really run! ?

How fast will we manage to run the 550km as a community? Will we even manage this distance several times? In the best case, many people will be inspired to run for compassion this summer!

Certificate of participation

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