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Nico and Ben want to run from Berlin to Erdlingshof, 550 km in 7 days. To cover the nearly 80 km per day, the two take turns running. They are collecting donations for the Erdlingshof so that animals can continue to be offered a safe home there.

We would like to invite you to support this wonderful project with a monetary or product donation. We have set ourselves the goal of collecting 20,000€ in donations for the Erdlingshof. We are especially happy about supporters along the route, who cheer us on, provide us with vegan snacks or can also run with us for parts of the race!

Pandemics do not offer any planning security. As much as we would like to run with as many of you as possible, we also know that the Corona regulations can change at any time. Therefore, all passionate runners are invited to participate in virtual runs this year. Under the heading “Run with us” we will explain to you how this works.

Our ideal would be to start on Sunday, August 29th from the Vegan Summer Festival at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, run for a week and then arrive at the Erdlingshof on Sunday, September 5th for Visiting Day. However, we do not yet know if Vegan Summer Festival and Visiting Days can take place at Erdlingshof. Therefore, we will adjust our planning to future developments.

In 2015, the first Erdlingslauf took place, 170 km on the Wall Trail, once around Berlin. Within 24 hours, the distance was covered in 18 stages and the finish line under raging applause at the Vegan Summer Festival on Alexanderplatz has remained a great memory for all participants. By running now from Berlin to Erdlingshof, we want to continue this beautiful story.