The Earthling Run stands for appreciation and tolerance, togetherness and solidarity. We would be thrilled to see people from very different contexts bring the Earthling Run to life.

You identify as LGBTQI+ or BIPoC? Let’s run together! You had to leave your country of birth? You are welcome here! You stand up for feminism and against classism? We would like to know more!

You are limited in speech, hearing or sight? We will understand each other! You are dependent on a wheelchair and would like to accompany us? Let’s find a suitable route!

You live a Jewish, Muslim or other faith? Feel welcome to join us! You are only 5 years old or already 90? We want to get to know you!

Just write us:

No matter where you come from, together we are strong!

Courtesy of Laut gegen Nazis, who are pretty awesome!