The Erdlingshof is a beautiful living farm in the Bavarian Forest, where animals are simply allowed to live without having to provide any benefit. Currently, more than 100 animals live on the Erdlingshof: rabbits, cats, chickens, dogs, turkeys, geese, sheep, goats, deer, pigs, horses and cattle. Almost all of them originally lived in very sad and depressing living conditions until they were rescued by Erdlingshof.

The Erdlingshof tells the life stories of the animals on its website, Facebook and Instagram, but also through press work, at visiting days and information booths. The Erdlingshof is committed to a world in which animals find their way into our ethics and in which their needs are taken into account as well as ours. The aim is to achieve a compassionate, appreciative and respectful approach to all living beings.

Almost 800 million animals are killed every year in Germany because they were not lucky enough to be born as a supposed pet such as a dog, cat or hamster, but rather as a supposed farm animal such as chicken, pig or cattle. However, all living beings wish to be able to run, fly or swim freely and self-determined. They wish for a beautiful life, just like we do.

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