But if I enter the distance from Berlin to Erdlingshof on Google Maps, it’s only 450km?

Absolutely right! But of course we don’t want to walk along the federal highway the whole time. And also we don’t plan our overnight stays directly along the route. After all, we also want to meet people and tell them about the Earthling Run!

What is your favorite running snack, with which we can give you a little refreshment at the edge of the course?

Especially squeezies are always welcome! But we are not so picky and are happy about all kinds of treats from vegan muesli bars to fruit to juicy black forest cake.

You are collecting for an enlargement of the free-range area for the pigs? Do they have to stand in a cramped cage otherwise?

Of course, the pigs can let off steam 24/7 in their great free-range area! And it’s about to get even bigger. We like the word free-range area much better than the word enclosure. Enclosure sounds like confinement, free run area sounds like running and fun!

But is that healthy to want to run 550km in a week?

That depends on what you mean by healthy! We will definitely be very very exhausted after our run, but also very very happy! If you are just starting to run, please do not run 550km in one go!

Do you have to be vegan to run with us?

If you think that every animal has the right to a good life and that a plant-based diet makes total sense, you are welcome to run with us. You can also find great tips at the Vegan Taste Week and the Week Against Factory Farming.

How do we know where you are?

You will be able to follow our progress with the app Raceday.me. At least when we’re not taking a break with vegan donuts! 

Can I accompany you for a while?

In principle, super happy! But of course we have to see how it will look like with the current Corona regulations.